The Link between Incense and Archery

Incense ceremony and archery practices are both aimed at helping people concentrate. By means of the focusing on the actions, rituals, spiritual practices, concentration, and related courtesy, we can fully train our body and mind in the hope that our body and mind merge into one. 


焚香的本質The essence of burning incense




The essence of burning incense
  The primary function of Chinese herbal medicine is to cure diseases, while incense is used to prevent diseases.
   Incense, traditionally composed of Chinese herbs, is manufactured based on Chinese medical theories and thus incense is in one sense synonymous with medicine.
  As we inflame some incense, the air will be filled with light and pleasant fragrance of some medicinal herbs. After we inhale it, our body and mind can gradually and naturally calm down and relax. As a result, our energy can be transformed or enhanced. The fragrance of incense not only upgrades our moods but also does good to our health and mental stability.
 Burning incense purifies our personal living environment. In essence, burning incense can be regarded as a means of preventive medicine and can be utilized to help create a peaceful energy field for our body, mind, and soul.


香道,內在合ㄧ之道Incense ceremony integrates the inner and outer world.

宇宙內所有現象和事物均存在著陰陽兩種不同的現象,如:晝/夜、男/女、動/靜、高/低、長/短、生/死、虛/實、天/地……萬事萬物就在這兩股動能中相互交替運作,生生不息。由此所啟發的哲學思維,則是追求陰陽平衡、相互尊重、彼此包容、剛柔並濟的和諧生活,以開啟更高的智慧,達到天人合一的圓滿境界  古人說「器以載道」,「器」是一種物質性的創作或形式的展現。因此,若以「器」的角度來看,香道是美的形式與文化內涵的載體,透過美感經驗與專注覺察的精神修練,其最主要的目的,是回歸內在陰陽和諧的極之「道」。


天然香手作推廣---中華香道藝術文化協會 Association of Chinese Incense Ceremony has been devoted to promoting the hand-made natural incense to make your life even better!


It is believed that incense can enrich our lives and transform our characters. Incense has been a great and vital companion to many people for thousands of years. Traditionally, Chinese process medicinal herbs and smoke the ground herbs. Therefore, incense was commonly used in the form of powder in the very beginning. 


香‧靜心‧環境的善循環 The benign cycle of incense, meditation, and our environment

In the recent decades, our living environment has been gradually destroyed. People are easy to be fretful anxious, restless, or upset since we live with all sorts of pollution and fight against all sources of pressure, and such negative but invisible atmosphere seriously affects our physical and mental health and even our living environment. Some negative energy comes from households, where some family members are severely ill. Some comes from those living in disharmony. If bad or negative energy is not neutralized, then people can feel restless or fall ill.


香,內在的覺旅 Incense, an awakening vehicle


Since ancient times, people have been enjoying fragrance, with which they add something delightful to their life. Incense is also considered a vehicle, with which people convey their thoughts to heaven, and thus incense carries a religious meaning. In western countries, people like to show their individuality through perfume; yet to eastern people, incense can be a token of inner cultivation or a particular personality.


品香靜心…你看不到的影響力 Meditating with incense---an invisible influence

As we meditate with incense, the fragrance enters our body and fills all the cells, making us feel more energetic, joyful, peaceful, enthusiastic, clear-minded, aware, and pretty. Therefore, meditating with incense can be considered a way to transform our spirit.      



品香靜心,讓自己和世界更美好的快速法 To meditate with incense is a rapid way to make yourself and world better!

In recent years, our world is experiencing unprecedented chaos in terms of the collective consciousness or the living environment. Moreover, the endless wars, financial recession, poverty, and segregation among human beings all impose severe burdens on our psychology. And thus, many of us tend to feel despaired, empty, and hopeless, suffering from depression or other chronic diseases, which has become an urgent issue that we have to cope with immediately.



品香靜心…鬆開固著意識,提升生命品質 To meditate with incense is to loosen up our stereotypes and enhance the quality of our life.

Only when one falls ill can he truly realize the fact that health and happiness outweigh wealth and power! 
但是,人為何會生病?But, why do we fall ill?


馨香賀新禧To congratulate to you with incense

Human beings’ fundamental requirements include abundant materials, peaceful and joyful mind, and good health. Since the dawn of history, people have been praying with incense in the hope that all the wishes can come true. As a result, we have fortune incense, wisdom incense, good-luck incense, and so on.